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Common Questions

  • What makes your stucco eco?
    eco stucco™ is essentially made of natural lime – a much lower embodied CO2 binder than its cement, gypsum, and acrylic counterpart.
  • What substrates are compatible?
    Most substrates including drywall, blue board, gypsum plaster, concrete, and masonry are compatible. Wood is not a desirable substrate since it tends to expand and contract in contact with moisture.
  • What level of preparation over drywall is required?
    A level 3 finish or better is acceptable. A primer (preferably low V.O.C.) is required to even suction throughout the surface.
  • Is sealing required?
    Sealing is optional but it recommended in high traffic areas or water exposed enclosures. Natural sealers such as bee’s wax or black soap are preferred.
  • Is it Venetian plaster?
    Venetian plaster is a generic name commonly used in Northern America. It describes a glossy texture that may as well be achieved with a paint or glaze coating applied in thin layers and polished. Real stucco or lime plaster lends itself to a surface of absolute mineral nature difficult to match with faux painting techniques.
  • How durable is eco stucco™?
    There are numerous examples of buildings built with lime that have lasted hundreds of years. Studies show that lime plaster is more resistant to the decay mechanisms of frost and salt crystallization than equivalent cement plasters.
  • Is eco stucco fire resistant?
    While cement and gypsum starts disintegrating in contact with fire after an hour, eco stucco™ offers the shield of real stone and is typically rated 2 + hours.
  • How much time between each coat should be observed?
    Timing between each coat depends on the surrounding conditions, nature of substrate, product type, color saturation, and application technique. Generally, UNILIME requires 24 to 48 hours before receiving the finish coat unless a fresco (fresh into fresh) technique with MURALIME is preferred. Scratch and brown coats achieved with PRIMA each require a curing time of 10 days.
  • Can eco stucco™ be applied outside?
    All eco stucco™ products are suitable for interior and exterior settings. Extra caution is needed for outside work. For instance walls should be protected from adverse conditions (sunshine, rain) during the installation and at least 48 hours thereafter.
  • Does eco stucco™ need to be painted?
    Integral colors are made of natural mineral pigments and provide excellent stability over time. Should change occur about color choice, always prefer a mineral alternative to acrylics such as a color wash in order to preserve the integrity and breathing capabilities of the lime plaster.
  • How can eco stucco™ be healthy?
    It allows for the transfer of moisture from the inside to the outside. The quality of air in our enclosures can be as hazardous as a polluted city on a bad day. Occupants produce water vapor from cooking breathing, washing, cooling, showering, etc… and increasingly air tight buildings give it less chance to escape. In result vapor condenses in carpets, floors, and poorly ventilated area causing mold and fungus ultimately damaging our health. In addition eco stucco™ does not off-gas toxic chemicals during and after the installation. It actually is a recommended for people with sensitive allergies and in schools where children are the most at risk from breathing pollutants found in paints.
  • Can eco stucco™ be applied in a shower?
    Both MURALIME and MINERA are excellent alternatives to ceramic tiles (high-embodied energy), offering seamless surfaces free of grout lines – prone to mold growth.