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The specifications guides  are intended for the design/construction professional and any user of EcoStucco® products. They aim to assist in developing project specifications and to provide guidance on the application of EcoStucco® stone finish systems over sound supporting substrates.

Exterior installation requires adequate integration of components such as flashing to direct water out and precautions such as proper shading of the façade at the time of installation. Cracking may occur from the settling of framed structures and can be minimized by respecting sound construction standards such as adequate installation of lath, incorporation of stress relief in the construction, use of properly graded sand, timely moist-curing of the material, and correct sequencing of construction to avoid stress in the system.

Notes in red are explanatory and intended to guide the user in the selection and use of materials. These specifications may be modified if needed to accommodate individual project conditions.

SECTION 09200 – LIME PLASTER (GENERAL) Click to download:   DOC | RTF | PDF