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“I have been very pleased with the aesthetic and technical performance of eco stucco™. We have used the material on several successful projects now. This is obviously a quality product that actually lives up to its claims of being healthy, durable, and beautiful. I don’t know why anyone would want to use lifeless, synthetic stucco or paint on the walls of their home after seeing eco stucco™.”
Scott Nelson, contractor – NATURAL WALLS

“Our experience with eco stucco™ first started with a thorough in-office presentation explaining the benefits of using lime plaster, including its long history of use in Europe. The flexibility of the product line and the infinite color range suited our ability to provide bespoke solutions for our clients. eco stucco™ provided us with color samples and they were willing to take the extra step to ensure we and my clients were satisfied with the outcome.”
Nii Quao, architect – BACKEN & GILLAM ARCHITECTS

“We have been using eco stucco™ for more than five years now on a wide range of both commercial and residential projects. We can achieve almost any finish desired by the architect or homeowner using eco stucco™ on both interiors and exteriors. Muralime has been our preferred material for interiors to create stainless steel trowel Venetian finishes. Unlike most other manufacturers this same product can be used on exteriors to provide truly smooth integral color plaster finish that has inherent crack and water resistance.”
Robert Meiswinkel, contractor – RFJ MEISWINKEL COMPANY